Shovon Joarder - Digital Marketing Expert explains the layout of SEO course

It was never an easy journey for me to start my career from scratch after I already started my professional career for eight long years. I started my professional career as a job holder in 2006 and decided to end it in 2014 when I finally realized that I was not born to work under someone's supervision. I am more comfortable to work independently. It was, in fact, not an easy decision to take a 180⁰ U-turn in my career; however, this is not the main topic of my today's post because I already tell myself this story in this post.

In this post, I am explaining the experience and the challenge I faced during the journey to become a Digital Marketing Specialist.

Why did I choose Digital Marketing for my career?

When I planned to start Freelancing as an independent contractor and an IT specialist, I had yet to decide which sector to go for because I needed to gain technical skills in IT, such as coding or design. So, I was surfing some sectors that only require some language thing, i.e., English, because honestly speaking, I only have skill in this thing.

After a long search, I decided that Online Marketing or Digital Marketing could be the only sector where I may not need to learn a lot of tech stuff. Now while I dig deep, this Digital marketing itself is a vast sector, and it includes Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Content Marketing, Email Marketing, etc.

All these are vast things, so I need to select one segment to start my journey. Of course, I just need to learn all segments of digital marketing, but I need to choose a single one to begin my journey. After long logical research, I finally decided to go with Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

Why did I choose SEO to start my first learning curve?

When I tried to search different elements of SEO, SMM, Email Marketing, and PPC, I learned that all these things need paid tools except SEO. Yes, SEO also needs paid tools to do things more perfectly, but that is not mandatory.

Besides, SEO will help me learn the anatomy of a website, which is the most mandatory platform for online promotion.

Another important reason for choosing SEO is that this service usually runs longer than any other digital marketing method. When a search engine optimization campaign runs for any business website, it usually takes 3-6 months to achieve the desired results, so it can ensure earning revenue from one single project. I needed this type of assurance when I kickstarted my digital marketing career as an independent contractor.

The challenge I face in learning SEO

No good institutions were available in my country where I could go and start learning Search Engine Optimization. In fact, at that time, digital marketing is a much lesser-known thing in Bangladesh.

Yes, many skilled people are out there, but I couldn't reach out to them and ask for help. The funny part is the reason. The reason was actually my age and social status. I was 33 years old at that time.

Considering the culture in my country, this age is for doing a job or business, not going to any institution, and learning professional skills, which is completely different than what I was doing in a private job. Moreover, I was married, and I had two kids then.

So, the only way is to learn from online sources like Blogs and YouTube.

I read a lot of blogs and started learning in a scattered way. In my opinion, the biggest challenge was to know the steps or the course curriculum. I collected resources from here and there and tried to understand them. Later on, I correlate them and organize the topics in an organized manner.

It took me over 45 days to prepare the step-by-step structure to learn search engine optimization correctly. I am going to share it here today.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Course Layout:

General Topics:
  1. Keyword research
  2. Keyword strategy planning
Account Setup
  1. How to set up Google Search Console
  2. How to Setup Google Analytics
  3. How to Setup Google Tag Manager
  4. How to set up Google Merchant Center Account
  5. How to set up Google My Business
  6. How to setup Bing Webmaster Tool
  7. How to setup Bing Clarity
On-Page Optimization
  1. Title tag optimization
  2. Meta description optimization
  3. Image ALT Tag optimization
  4. Image size optimization
  5. Header Tag Optimization
  6. Interlinking
  7. Anchor texts optimization
  8. Structure Data Code planning, development, and Implementation
  9. Sitemap.xml file creation
  10. Canonical tag
  11. 301 Redirection
  12. 404 Error Fixing
Off-Page SEO
  1. Citation Building/ Business Listing
  2. Link Building by using the below methods
    • Web 2.0 Blogs
    • Guest Posting
    • Article submission
    • Profile creation
    • Web Directory submission
    • PDF Submission
    • Video submission
    • Classified ad listing
    • Content syndication
    • Blog Submission
    • Blog commenting
    • Social Bookmarking

I have seen several times in many places that so-called experts offer Digital Marketing Courses for a length of 3 months only, where they will teach not only SEO but also PPC, SMM, email marketing, and many things.

I wonder how it is possible?

If a person wants to learn SEO properly, he must need at least one year or more. In my opinion, if the course materials are designed properly, then only SEO will be a one-year diploma course.

On the other hand, if any institution wants to offer a complete Digital Marketing Course that includes all segments of online marketing, then the whole course length could be a four-year honors course.

So, I request all new learners to check the course materials before investing your time and money in any training institutions.