Shovon Joarder's last family photo with Mom, Brother and Sister.

Today is kind of one of the special days for me because this is probably the last meeting or get-together with many of my relatives and near & dear ones. This family photo may be also the last one we've taken.

If Allah permits, then next year, I will be flying to Canada with my own family, and I am determined not to get back to my relatives further.

These two people will be probably my closest relatives in the coming months or years because we are planning to fly together to our new life in Canada. Shewla Apa and Milon vai, they are like my senior brother and sister.

I hope our three families will be together for the rest of our lives.

My whole extended family, our three families together. We are lucky enough that we have nine daughters and one son. Inshallah, we will always live side by side and support each other in any condition.

My three school friends, Aumi, Sayem, and Shuvo. I am really happy that they honored my invitation and attended the program with such short notice. 

I invited a few others whom I consider as my closest school friends and they never showed up. So, I may consider these three friends as my only remaining closest friends and keep continue in touch only with them.