Usually, the December months of every year are very slow due to long vacations in the Western world for Christmas and New Year celebrations. So, my mental preparation was like, we have less work to do in this month.

In December 2023, I was expecting a slow month; besides, I got heavily engaged in the marriage ceremony of my younger brother, Allen. So, my mind setup was like, me and the whole team will do less work, and our earnings will be less as well.

But the scenario was completely different last month. With the blessing of almighty Allah, only on Upwork Agency, my earnings were the highest in any December months of my last 8+ years of career. Thanks to Allah!

Besides the team earnings on Upwork, I have earned on my personal Upwork profile, plus almost nine thousand US dollars outside of the marketplace. So, altogether the month was really good for all of us, Alhamdulillah.